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It doesn’t matter to Margaret that her national television debut is tonight on The Nature of Things. As you can see, she is hanging out off Barbados in water that’s about 27 degrees Celsius (who can blame her?), oblivious to our human world.


This is one of the things I love most about leatherbacks. How little we mean to them.

Until, of course, we mean everything—when what we do threatens their lives.

I don’t know what you will see if you watch the leatherback documentary tonight. We have worked with the filmmakers, Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason, and TellTale Productions for the last year. We’ve spent hundreds of hours together all told. But the end result—the final cut—has been a secret.

But what I can tell you is how hard Teresa, Kent and their fantastic team have worked—through personal tragedy and a compressed timeline and uncooperative weather and failed technology. They have stayed focused and cheerful and determined to help convey the beauty and magnificence and tremendous importance of leatherbacks to our country and the world.

And for that we are so grateful to them.

So please, if you are in Canada, tune in tonight at 7 p.m. on CBC (7:30 p.m. in Newfoundland).

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  • shivanna

    Commendable work!

  • Wilf

    I watched the show tonite. Great job to the crew. Awsome that canadians can make a differencce worldwide and show our stewardship towards the planet.

  • Jocelyne

    Thank you for bringing this beautiful experience to those who cannot experience it first hand.

  • Laura

    Very good documentary!

  • Natasha McKay.

    Excellent documentary. Great job Kent and Teresa and team

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