It has been hard to write here for many months. Sometimes I am struck silent by the weightlessness of words. They tumble and break around us and still I can’t make them loud enough to show what [...]


Trip to Trinidad

This is the second part of Kayla Hamelin’s journal of her time working on the nesting beach with leatherbacks in Trinidad last spring.


Trip to Trinidad

At this time of year, we are deep into planning for our upcoming turtle season on the field boat and at the Sea Turtle Centre.


Beverly nested!

We were just checking the data records sent to us by our friends at Nature Seekers in Trinidad about the Canadian turtles they’ve seen on the beach.



It’s generally the time of year that we start to get very excited about our turtles heading to the nesting beach.


Nicole and the map

Here is where our turtles are. I have found it difficult to post these maps of late. The process itself is the same, of course. But I used to send the links to my friend Nicole.


Sad news

I am sad to report that Eric, the lovely little Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, has died.


Eric update

Eric swam for a bit today. We’re not letting him spend too much time in the water at this point so that he conserves what little energy he has.


Meet Eric

This turtle is alive! For the second time that we know of in the seventeen years we’ve been working with sea turtles, someone found a stranded hard-shelled sea turtle along a Nova Scotia shore [...]


Turtle tracks are back!

In great news, the Canadian Wildlife Federation will be highlighting the tracks of four of our leatherbacks in an initiative called The Great Canadian Turtle Race, which they launched this week.