Sad news

I am sad to report that Eric, the lovely little Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, has died.


Eric update

Eric swam for a bit today. We’re not letting him spend too much time in the water at this point so that he conserves what little energy he has.


Meet Eric

This turtle is alive! For the second time that we know of in the seventeen years we’ve been working with sea turtles, someone found a stranded hard-shelled sea turtle along a Nova Scotia shore [...]


Little sea turtles

These two sweeties were in our office this morning: a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle and a loggerhead sea turtle.


In a turtle’s tummy

As I’ve mentioned before, we get a lot of interesting things in the mail at our office.


Sea turtles in snow

I was home, ready to start dinner when the turtle hotline rang. One of my favourite people was on the phone.