The Canadian
Sea Turtle Network

The Canadian Sea Turtle Network is a charitable organization working to conserve endangered sea turtles in Canadian waters and worldwide with the help of scientists, commercial fishermen, coastal community members, and you.

Canadian waters are home to seasonal populations of endangered leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles. In fact, waters off Atlantic Canada are among the most important in the world for leatherbacks. These tropical turtles come here from their nesting grounds in Central and South America to feed and grow fat on jellyfish.

This is a big responsibility. The greatest threat to the turtles’ survival in Canadian waters is accidental entanglement in commercial fishing gear. This is why we have worked closely for almost twenty years with commercial fishermen. They are on the front lines with sea turtles in Canadian waters and are, therefore, the greatest hope for keeping these animals safe here.

The combination of fishermen’s ingenuity, our scientific skills, a shared passion for the ocean and a good sense of humour—has helped us achieve remarkable things, broadening the world’s understanding of these endangered sea turtles.

You can help, too, by supporting our research and educational programs—and by learning more about sea turtles in Canada.

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